This cake is a 6″, six-layered chocolate cake with oreo buttercream in-between all the layers and around the outside. YUM. Topped with fresh white roses, greenery + hazelnut macarons.

One of my friends requested a cake for himself, just because LOL. And I know he loves chocolate, oreos and pretty much anything except Ketchup chips so I decided to make this cake. It’s four… View Post

Made these babies last night. Yup. They’re good. Real good actually. Almost like “What is even happening inside of my mouth right now” you know? The recipe is literally the easiest thing I’ve ever done.… View Post

One of my lovely friends Olivia is turning 18 this weekend, so I obviously HAD to bake her something! I asked her what her favourite ingredient was and she said the classic chocolate – I… View Post

I’ve always seen this recipe online, and I always wanted to make it. It’s a cookie inside of a cookie – HOW AWESOME. I even put this on my baking bucket list, and now I… View Post

It’s official (well not until tomorrow…) I’m an adult! Yipee! Here is an awesome Oreo Explosion cake, I just needed to have for my birthday. It’s very simple: three layered stacks of cake, chocolate icing,… View Post