Comfort food? YES! 🙋🏻 I make myself this meal at least once a week. At least. It’s perfect because it takes such little effort and you can make extra for lunch or next day’s dinner. So if… View Post

YUM GUYS this is good. And I’m not talking about the noodles… I’m talking about how I’m starting to cook proper meals for myself! This is good! Good things are happening!!! But yes, the noodles… View Post

So this is a thing I made for myself! An actual meal! That wasn’t Kraft Dinner…or like soup or something. Now mind you, every night I have the privilege of being fed whatever my mom… View Post

WOW. COOL EMMA. A DINNER POST? WHAT. NO CHOCOLATE COOKIES? NO CAKE POSTS? AN ACTUAL MEAL? OMG WOW. Yeah, that’s what I said too when I made this. I had to take a moment and pat… View Post

One of our favourite things to make for dinner in my house is homemade pizza! From the fresh ingredients… to the cheese… back to the fresh ingredients……… back to the cheese….. you just can’t go wrong! Ingredients: (now… View Post