I was very lucky to get a few Christmas orders during this past week. One involving a cake (which I will post later), and these bars you see here, as well as a batch of… View Post

Oh my guys. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’m so sorry – I recently got a new job, and it’s been pretty hectic. But I’m back! And I will try and… View Post

I made these a while ago, and they are by far one of my all time favourite cookies to make. The recipe is SO easy, just basic cookie ingredients with some chocolate chips and caramels.… View Post

Macarons. Do I need to say anymore? Heaven. Pure heaven. I had only had macarons once in my life before I made these. They were giving them out at a wedding I attended in the… View Post

Oh yeah guys… these are a thing. A really good thing I may add. All I wanted yesterday was a gooey, doughy, caramely “thing” in my mouth. And why not throw some chocolate in there… View Post

I had made these last halloween but decided to post these now in case anyone wanted to plan to make them for Halloween (or even before). I made these for a bunch of people and… View Post