This weekend I had a cake order for a couple who were both turning 45. The wife thought it was a good idea to put 90 on the cake, for the combination of both ages.… View Post

My boss at work asked me to make her son Minecraft cupcakes for his 8th birthday. So of course I said yes! I already made a Minecraft cake, so I felt pretty confident in making cupcakes… View Post

This is for my cousin-in-law’s mother to celebrate her retirement this year! Happy retirement, Karen! Karen is a huge chocolate lover, so I thought this cake would be perfect for her. It is a  4 layered chocolate… View Post

One of my lovely friends Olivia is turning 18 this weekend, so I obviously HAD to bake her something! I asked her what her favourite ingredient was and she said the classic chocolate – I… View Post

So when I decide to bake, most of the time it usually involves chocolate or caramel or something along those lines, but this time I wanted to try and do something a bit different –… View Post

YAAAAAAAS these are what my body needed after a lot of commuting and schooling and studying and sleeping and just slowly dying as a student. Okay that was pretty dramatic butttttt it’s okay because THESE… View Post