I was very lucky to get a few Christmas orders during this past week. One involving a cake (which I will post later), and these bars you see here, as well as a batch of… View Post

One of my friends requested a cake for himself, just because LOL. And I know he loves chocolate, oreos and pretty much anything except Ketchup chips so I decided to make this cake. It’s four… View Post

One of my friends asked me to make her a tasty treat for a Mexican themed BBQ, and I knew I had to make these Mexican Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes. These are so tasty. There is… View Post

One of my good friends turned 19 the other day, so to celebrate I made KIT-KAT CUPCAKES!!! (I’m writing in caps to express my feelings for these cupcakes… they were really good, OK??!!?) In all… View Post

I finished my first year of university last Friday and decided to celebrate by making cookies. It was seriously the best feeling running out of my last exam… and now I have no priorities and… View Post

If there’s one thing I’ve made most in my life it’s these cookies. I swear this recipe has been on my blog like 3 times, but they are so good and I always have to share… View Post