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If you’re looking to see what cake sizes and flavours I offer, please see below:


6″ cake (feeds 6-8 people)

8″ cake (feeds 10-14 people)

9″ cake (feeds 14-20 people)

10″ cake (feeds 20-25 people)

12″ cake (feeds 25-35 people)






RICH CHOCOLATE    An intensely flavourful and moist chocolate cake
made with dark cocoa.

CLASSIC VANILLA    A moist and flavourful vanilla cake made with vanilla extract.

CARROT    A classic, delicious cake!

RED VELVET    This cake is a mix between chocolate and vanilla, with the classic red colour.

RAINBOW BIT    A child’s favourite! My classic vanilla cake with the addition of rainbow sprinkles.

BANANA CHOCOLATE    Extra moist and extra rich with the addition of dark chocolate chips.

LEMON    A very tart and tangy lemon cake (pairs nicely with a raspberry filling!)

STRAWBERRY    A delicious strawberry cake (with the option of including fresh strawberries in-between the buttercream layers!)

CHOCOLATE CHIP    Your choice of vanilla or chocolate cake with the addition of chocolate chips.

GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE    My rich chocolate cake made gluten free.

GLUTEN FREE VANILLA    My classic vanilla cake made gluten free.

VEGAN CHOCOLATE    My rich chocolate cake made vegan.

VEGAN VANILLA    My classic vanilla cake made vegan.



VANILLA    Made with vanilla extract.

CHOCOLATE    Made with rich cocoa.

RASPBERRY    Made with fresh raspberry puree.

PEANUT BUTTER    Flavoured with smooth, creamy peanut butter.

CREAM CHEESE     Classic vanilla buttercream with the addition of cream cheese.

SALTED CARAMEL    Flavoured with fleur de sel and caramel.

LEMON    Flavoured with the addition of fresh lemon.

COOKIES & CREAM    The classic cookie crushed and added to my vanilla frosting.

DARK CHOCOLATE    My chocolate buttercream made with rich, dark chocolate.


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