Raw Aura

📍 94 Lakeshore Road E

This is my first post on my vegan/gluten-free restaurant series! I am pretty excited. Last night my boyfriend and I went to Raw Aura in Port Credit. It is a cozy and intimate hole in the wall with a small selection of tables and chairs. They prepare all the food right in the dining room, which I love to see at restaurants. The walls are covered in white with chunks of wood + bricks throughout.

The menu is small with a handful of appetizers, salads, noodle bowls and wraps to choose from. Everything is 100% raw, organic and dairy, gluten and sugar-free (YAY!!!! This way for sure I know it won’t kill my body when I eat!!!).

My boyfriend ate the Pad Thai (left), which was a combination of zucchini and kelp noodles, tossed with shredded carrots and a traditional Tamarind based sauce, topped with green onions, spiced almonds and a sprig of cilantro. It tasted JUST like regular pad thai, with the exception of it being cold rather than hot.

I ate the Ravioli (right), which was a plate of red beet ravioli, stuffed with cashew ‘ricotta cheese’, and topped with red pepper marinara and crumbled dehydrated kale chips. This was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten, hands down. Especially since my everyday meals are quite simple and plain… this tasted like some sort of indulgent treat I had (even though it was made from very healthy ingredients!). The ‘ricotta cheese’ was to die for and the red pepper marinara sauce was mouthwatering. 110% recommend.

We also ate breadsticks (picture not shown), which were dehydrated sesame seeds, other seeds and hot sauce. I’m definitely missing a few other ingredients as I couldn’t quite overhear what the waitress was explaining to the table behind us.

For dessert, I ate their chocolate banana cake (left), which was delicious and very rich. I believe it was a cashew based cake with raw chocolate ganache. It tasted just like these raw chocolate squares my mom baked for me at Christmas. The cake was raw, vegan, sugar-free,  gluten-free and naturally sweetened using agave and coconut sugar.

My boyfriend ate their blueberry cheesecake (right), and I preferred that over my cake. It was just as creamy and decadent as a normal cheesecake. From someone who hasn’t tasted real cheesecake in over a year… this tasted amazing to me. Again, it was made from blended up cashews.

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