First off – Happy New Year!!! A little late in the game, but better late than never! I hope everyone had a wonderful new years, filled with delicious food, drinks and many laughs. Many people… View Post

I. love. Minions. LOVE THEM. I could spend this whole blog post ranting on about how much I love Minions but to save you the boredom/the horror (because I know some people don’t like them… God… View Post

I made these adorable little fox cupcakes for a baby shower. I made 40 of these chocolate cupcakes, and made buttercream to decorate each one. I separated the buttercream into 3 bowls: one white, one copper… View Post

This is for my cousin-in-law’s mother to celebrate her retirement this year! Happy retirement, Karen! Karen is a huge chocolate lover, so I thought this cake would be perfect for her. It is a  4 layered chocolate… View Post

For one of my really good friends (and coworker) she asked me to make a cake for her mom and dog’s birthday this weekend! Never have I made an “animal” themed cake before, so I… View Post

Before I begin, I must say this is the simplest recipe you will ever use in your life. A 2 year old could make this, no joke. All you need is a yellow cake mix, pumpkin… View Post