First off – Happy New Year!!! A little late in the game, but better late than never! I hope everyone had a wonderful new years, filled with delicious food, drinks and many laughs. Many people… View Post

For a 25th anniversary I was asked to make 40 cupcakes that were the colours of my pink ombre rose cake. 28 of them were to be used to make the number ’25’ but in… View Post

I made these adorable little fox cupcakes for a baby shower. I made 40 of these chocolate cupcakes, and made buttercream to decorate each one. I separated the buttercream into 3 bowls: one white, one copper… View Post

My friend at work requested this strawberries and cream cake for his mom, which I was super excited to do because I love making cakes with strawberries on top. I think it’s the most beautiful little touch… View Post

One of my long time co-workers requested a cake for her boyfriend’s birthday. She wanted it to include Ferrero Rocher chocolates on it, which I was SO excited about. Those things are the tastiest things… View Post

One of my old friends asked me to make her a birthday cake for her birthday, and all that she requested was she wanted pink ombre CAKE (like the actual layers of cake to be… View Post