One of my best friends ordered a cake for her boyfriend, who LOVES chocolate orange. I mean, who doesn’t?! So for his cake, I created a 6″ round, three layered chocolate fudge cake with orange… View Post

This is for my cousin-in-law’s mother to celebrate her retirement this year! Happy retirement, Karen! Karen is a huge chocolate lover, so I thought this cake would be perfect for her. It is a  4 layered chocolate… View Post

If there’s one bar/brownie I’ve made most in my life it is these oatmeal fudge bars (I actually made them not too long ago in this post here!) They are so delicious and so easy to… View Post

I came to realize the other night that I’ve never made fudge! And fudge is sooooo good. I love the classic maple fudge… or something crazy like Oreo fudge… but I deicided I’d go with… View Post

This is my third time making this recipe because I just love it so dang much. I think anything with oatmeal is absolutely delicious, and when you combine fudge with it…well you’re pretty much set.… View Post

I’ve never even had these bars from Starbucks, but as soon as I saw the recipe I knew I had to make these. These are so good, and I think it’s mostly because the chocolate in… View Post