Sometimes you just need a good oatmeal cookie. Nothing special about it, you just need a cinnamony…chewy…soft cookie. As much as I love chocolate, and caramel and ICING and just about everything else… it’s nice to… View Post

On December 6th, I saw this really delicious recipe in the local newspaper, and I just had to try it. It’s from this bakery in Toronto called Moo Milk Bar and it just sounded so… View Post

(That title was a mouthful!) I decided to make my boyfriend truffles for our 1 year anniversary… and they were SO YUMMY! Eating cookie dough is legitimately my favourite thing to do. Like if there… View Post

I realized when I was making this, that I’ve never made a cake like this before. Or any cake in general, except for the classic chocolate or vanilla. I felt like I was making some… View Post

A giant cookie pie is exactly what I needed last night. It has everything I want in something to eat…. cookie dough… chocolate chips… caramel… sea salt… chocolate chips… cookie dough… did I mention chocolate… View Post

Guys, these are really good. Like… really good. Eating raw cookie dough is my favourite past time. So when I found cupcakes that had it INSIDE the cupcakes and ON TOP I HAD to make… View Post