I had an order to make a giant pink rose cake, that would feed 20+ people! My normal cakes are 12″ round, but for this cake I made a 14″ cake with 4 extra large… View Post

I finished my first year of university last Friday and decided to celebrate by making cookies. It was seriously the best feeling running out of my last exam… and now I have no priorities and… View Post

YUM GUYS this is good. And I’m not talking about the noodles… I’m talking about how I’m starting to cook proper meals for myself! This is good! Good things are happening!!! But yes, the noodles… View Post

The other day I was looking on Top With Cinnamon (love her!!!) and came across these delicious overnight oats. I’ve been really loving coconut recently… I invested in some delicious coconut shower gel which makes me smell… View Post

So this is a thing I made for myself! An actual meal! That wasn’t Kraft Dinner…or like soup or something. Now mind you, every night I have the privilege of being fed whatever my mom… View Post

I decided to make Valentine’s Day cupcakes for Valentines (even though it’s a week away), but that’s okay! I’m also going to be making fleur-de-sel brownies and Valentine’s sugar cookies, but that post will be… View Post