Baking Tips

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Measuring Cups and Spoons
Accurate measuring is very important while baking. If you don’t measure the correct amount, your food may not set or rise properly and you won’t achieve the desired texture and flavour. I know sometimes it’s easy or quick to use an ordinary kitchen spoon to act as a teaspoon – do not use that technique!

Mixing Bowls and Spoons
A heatproof bowl is very useful for melting your ingredients.
A large metal spoon will be useful for folding ingredients such as whisked eggs whites into cake mixtures.
A large mixing bowl and a wooden spoon* are essential for cake making.
*Make sure you keep separate those used for cooking strongy flavoured foods, such as onions, because wood can absorb flavours and may transfer them to more delicate mixtures.
Rubber or silicone spatulas are very helpful for scraping out bowls cleanly and lightly mixing.

Make sure you bake your cake for the time the recipe says. No one wants burnt or under-cooked food!

Wire Cooling Racks
Wire racks allows your cakes, etc. to evenly cool and prevents any of your food to become soggy (from staying in the pan for too long).

I always sift my dry ingredients (meaning the normal flour, baking soda, salt, cornstarch, etc.) to prevent any lumps getting into your mixture.

A stainless steel box grater or flat “Micrplane” style grater are great for grating chocolate, fruits, lemon, cheese, etc.

Pastry Brush
This tool is the easiest way to grease your pans before putting the mixture into it and baking it.

Measuring Cups
Transparent glass are a great choice for measuring liquids, not so much dry ingredients. You would want to use metal or ceramic measuring cups. Make sure you place the cups on a flat surface when measuring the ingredient so you get an exact measurement.

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