There are so many things that are happening, and I’m SO EXCITED.

  1. I changed my entire website layout, and I am frickin’ in love. I wanted to actually create a legit website (not that my previous one wasn’t), however I was linked to my free WordPress account that gave me very limited options. So, one night I came home from work and did some research on website hosting plans, themes, installation, and a whole lot of other things I didn’t understand. I managed to learn what I needed to do and needed to buy in order to change my layout and have full creative freedom on my site.
  2. This leads me to my next point: pipdig. It is a website that offers custom built WordPress themes and a free migration service when you purchase a WordPress hosting plan with SiteGround. The service was unreal, specifically Phil who made everything super easy (and speedy!). If you are looking to buy a web hosting plan for your website, definitely check out the package deal pipdig has to offer. If not, at least check out pipdig’s themes (for WordPress or Blogger)!
  3. On another note, I’m finishing school soon. Thank. Goodness. That means I can fully focus on my blog, testing out new recipes, and learning new skills. My apologies that I haven’t been posting for a while… school has really gotten the best of me this semester, and I’m still adjusting to living downtown Toronto.
  4. Thinking about it, I really do have the time to upload blog posts everyday. That is no problem, because I’m always on my computer whether I’m in class or at home. However, it’s the actual baking that takes up my time (time that I don’t have!).
  5. So, this leads me to my final point: I want to start posting content that isn’t just recipe based. I want to start posting monthly favourites… including everything from my favourite recipes that month, baking blog posts, local cafes, Toronto restaurants, albums, songs and TV shows. I love talking about things I love, so what better way than to make a monthly post featuring my monthly favourites? GREAT PLAN EMMA. I will also try to work in other posts that aren’t recipes.

Please excuse the long post – I felt I needed to let all of that out just so you know where I’m at and what you can expect going forward.

I hope everyone has been having a lovely spring so far – Toronto certainly hasn’t blessed us with warm, sunny weather just quite yet. That is a literally a photograph of what Toronto currently looks like right now… grey, snowy and wet.

As always, thanks for reading and check back tomorrow with my March favourites blog post!


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