Spiderman Cake

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One of my friends at work wanted a Spiderman cake for her boyfriend, so I created this 4 layered chocolate cake with red buttercream around the outside (and white buttercream on the inside). I made black buttercream, and piped lines around the side/top of the cake for a ‘web’ effect, the Spiderman logo and added a little Spiderman guy on top.

Originally I wanted to create some buildings for the side of the cake but once I added them on, they took away from the cake and it didn’t look as good. So I went without them!

I wasn’t sure how easy those lines were going to be because depending on the consistency of the icing, the lines could have been runny or may have been too stiff to pipe out and therefore they might have broke. But thankfully they worked out pretty well!

2015-04-25 08.48.06 2_resized

This was a really fun cake to do, and maybe next time I will try and do a Superman cake or something! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and talk to you guys soon.



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