Surprise Filled Chocolate M&M Cupcakes



I made these babies with one of my best friends Veronika. So fun. So good. So full.
We actually came up with this ourselves!
This recipe makes 6 giant cupcakes.
  • Your favourite chocolate cupcake mix (we used Betty Crocker)
  • Your favourite icing (we used Betty Crocker chocolate)
  • Your favourite chocolate bars (we used Mars and Reese)
  • Candies for the top (we used Reese M&Ms and normal M&Ms)
  1. Start by getting one of those pans that hold 6 big cupcakes/small pies
  2. Line those with cupcake liners (however we didn’t have that big to fit the hole so Veronika improvised and created our own liners made out of tin foil)
  3. Pour in the batter halfway
  4. Chop up your chocolate bars (we actually managed to fit 1 mars bar/hole and I believe 3 Reese peanut butter cups in each one)
  5. Put them in each hole
  6. Bake according to temperature on back of cake mix package
  7. Let cool
  8. Decorate your cupcakes with icing and candies! (we weren’t cheap on the icing we loaded these puppies up with icing. More icing = more deliciousness)
Hint: get milk to assist you while eating this lovely creation. You will get thirsty. Trust us.

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