I want to thank you for the delicious red-velvet cupcakes with creme icing for my clients – the Chairman was so thrilled he took a picture of the cupcakes with their corporate name on them. The only thing better than the superb visual was the tremendous taste! The cupcakes where moist and sensational – the client did not even wait until lunch most where gone with coffee at breakfast and some folks asked for two so they could take home for a spouse/child.

Your prompt completion, creativity and outstanding flavors make you my go to choice for deserts. I am so impressed I am hoping to repeat your services for a Christmas gathering in December.

Outstanding dessert at a very reasonable price!!!!. Thank you Chef  Emma.

– Angela H.

Emma – your white, vanilla gluten free cake with butter creme icing was ” out of this world ” – no one wanted the regular cake as yours was so moist and  spectacular. It is so very challenging to create a gluten free cake that is even better than a traditional one as you are so restricted with ingredients to ensure those who are celiac can enjoy a desert.

It went so fast the “non desert” eaters had 2 pieces and those that where bakers/chefs raved about your cake. Not only did it taste terrific but it was decorated so beautifully — capturing my mother- in- laws love of flowers and color.

Thank you for making her 90th birthday party so very special – it was obvious the time, personal touches and sheer effort you put forth to create this rich tasting celiac safe desert!!!!

With sincere thanks,

Angela H.

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